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Rookie Training!


Both handler and driver must attend all three sessions to graduate. If you don't attend all three sessions, you won't graduate and won't be able to race. It is very important that your car is ready for the first session. We could be on the track as soon as the first session.


We will be performing safety inspections and helping ensure that you're familiar with properly securing the safety belts, wrist restraints and neck collars. Any items that are not USAC Legal at the first session will be identified and will need to be corrected as soon as possible.


All Rookie Participants must complete and submit the membership packet Info prior to starting Rookie Training. Please contact Darrell at for information.


Safety Equipment Required for Racing Quarter Midgets


Helmets used in QMA are required to be of a SA 2015, SFI 24.1 or higher rating or newer. They must be well-fitted, full-face helmets free of cracks and impacts. Visors must be free of scratches and scuffs for optimum visibility. Chinstraps must not be frayed or deteriorated.  They must be in operational working order and anchored well.


Driver Suits 1 piece or drivers pants and jackets

A SFI 3.2A-1 rated jacket in good condition is required for competition in QMA. The Jacket must provide full coverage from neck to waist, and extend completely to the gloves. 


Neck Brace

A Neck brace in good condition, made of Nomex, with a SFI 3.3 rating is required.


Arm Restraints

Arm restraints in good condition are mandatory for all drivers, and are used in conjunction with the seat belts quick release mechanism. This allows for quick exit if necessary. The arm restrains are positioned and secured on the forearm, between the wrist and elbow. Arm restrains must be adjustable, and be adjusted so that when the driver is fully seated their hands are unable to touch the overhead bar of the roll cage.


Seat Belts

SFI 16.1 and less than 2 years old



Two layer Nomex gloves with a SFI 3.2A-5 rating are mandatory. The driver's gloves must completely cover the hands and fingers.


Socks and Shoes

Shoes are required to completely cover the feet of the drivers. Socks are required to also cover ankle, not leaving any exposed bare skin.  It's important to take safety into your own hands. As a Quarter Midget Handler, you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your child.


Rules and requirements are subject to change. If in doubt, ask your Safety Director or Rookie Trainer.


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    Racing Rascals Quarter Midgets
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